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Q: Why would anybody sell a well-functioning trading system?
A: We are trading for a living, so we have to take out capital from our wins to pay for fixed costs. Using income from renting out the system allows us to accumulate the won capital.

Q: If many traders run the same system at the same time the system cannot work anymore.
A: This is why we only sell products for the most liquid markets, where this risk is minimized.

Q: I do not have $50,000 to trade a strategy but would like to do it anyway.
A: We explicitly state that this is the minimum capital to ensure effective money management by regulating position sizing. The strategy also works very well with an initial capital of $30,000, but risk reduction to a fixed percentage per trade cannot be maintained as soon as market value or volatility rises high.

Q: Do I run the risk of losing all my money?
A: Since our strategies do not hold positions overnight, this risk can be calculated. You can exit trading at anytime, when you are not satisfied with the system performance.

Q: Can I leave my computer to itself while it trades the system?
A: There are to many possible outside sources for disruptions of the system like power outage, losing internet connection, computer failures etc. to be able to leave your computer unattended for a longer period of time.

Q: Will I get my money back if your system only generates losses during the 3 months I have paid for?
A: Losses can never be avoided for any kind of trading system. No new equity peaks over a period of time of 3 months is not unusual, as isn't a higher future maximum drawdown than calculated for the past. Past wins are never a guarantee for future results, but only indicators for quality and stability of the system under different market conditions.

Q: I have no experience using and programming Tradestation. Can I trade your system anyway?
A: We give you exact instructions how to install the system and how to set up the program for fully automated real-time trading. During stock market hours we can be reached via E-Mail anytime to help with problems, since we ourselves also trade and observe our own systems.

Q: I do not like to provide my credit card information.
A: For this reason we use PayPal as a partner for online payment. PayPal is a professional company now owned by Ebay with millions of customers worldwide. Only Paypal will receive your credit card information and this information is never passed on to us.

Q: Do you offer a free trial?
A: We donít offer trial versions of our indicators. For our trading systems we have a back test only version, where we charge a small fee to protect against hackers and unauthorised usage.

Q: How do I get the back test trial?
A: You have to send a request including your name and Tradesation customer number (for instructions see: help/about Tradestation). After confirming your information we will send a protected ELA file to you, which can only be used with your Tradstation license.

Q: Can I change or optimize parameters of your trading systems myself?
A: Our systems do not use optimized parameters for signal generation, because we believe, that this is the only way to ensure similar or better future results than those obtained from backtests. Since money-and risk management is one of the main factors for the success of our systems, you will be able to adjust in the settings how much of your obtained wins you would want to reinvest into your trading capital and the maximum percentage of your capital you are willing to risk for loss by a single trade.

Q: I only have Tradesation 2000i, can I use your system?
A: In principal the possibility exists. Automatic order placement would however only be possible using additional tools, which may be prone to failures, which is why we do not offer versions for Tradestation 2000i at this time. Since you need an adequate account with a discount broker as well as a first-class RT data feed for trading the system anyway, becoming a Tradestation customer practically generates no additional costs.



Neither TradeStation Technologies nor any of its affiliates has reviewed, certified, endorsed, approved, disapproved or recommended, and neither does or will review, certify, endorse, approve, disapprove or recommend, any trading software tool that is designed to be compatible with the TradeStation Open Platform

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