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This indicator was developed as an exit for trend following strategies. Compared to the widely used ATR exit, Trendranger possesses the ability to remain stable during counter movements which makes it also useful as an initial stop. Trendranger`s advantage in comparison to the also well known Parabolic Indicator consists in its behaviour in sideways moving markets, where it does not permanently draw nearer to the market, therefore not closing trend developments early out.



Trendranger adjusts itself dynamically to market volatility. You decide how much room you will give the stop level and how many historical bars are included in the analysis. Trendranger can be used on any time level (also intraday) and with all trending markets. It is especially well suited for breakout strategies.



All settings of the Trendranger examples on these weekly charts above are the same!

Multiplier 2.5 and Rangelength 3.

The Trendranger package contains:

Trendranger Indicator
Trendranger Function
Trendranger LX
Trendranger SX

Description: Trend following Indicator and Trailing Stop

Usage: Long and Short exit (Trailing stop) for breakout strategies

Advantage: The function of this indicator can be used to build a strict trailing stop because the stop can not loosen sometimes like the ATR Trailing Stop. Another advantage: The stop does not move closer when the market is going sideways like the parabolic indicator.

Instructions / Settings:
Multiplier: to define how close the indicator will come to the trend
Rangelength: the number of bars to consider measuring current volatility
Display all: true = plot all bars, false = plot only if Marketposition <> 0
Displace: -1 will move the indicator 1 bar ahead.

TradeStation customer trials:
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