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Volumescan RS

With this tool you can scan intraday at any time of the day for stocks with unusual high volume. Experienced traders know that these stocks will offer the best trading opportunities. We are trading with this tool since some years. In our opinion there is no better way to earn money with short term trades. Unusual volume combined with interesting chart patterns will bring trades with high returns. (If volume is high it is not an easy game for market makers to push the price above or below stop levels)


14th Jun. 04 BSTE

Volumescan detected the unusual volume a few minutes after the open. We bought this stock at 40.71 (see Broker Application). The close of this day was 43.29 The EOD volume (more than 4x average daily volume) will tell us that this stock is ready for more, so we hold a part of the position to the next trading session.



16th Jun. 04 CMTL

Look at the clock, it is 17 minutes after the open. Volumescan shows us CMTL with 1/3 of the average daily volume just after 16 trading minutes. The stock was moving up another 80 cents from there.

Use your own list of trading stocks, based on average volume, minimum price and volatility. Scan 1000 stocks simultaneous. You can rank the stocks with the highest volume jump. It is also possible to set an alert if a stock will reach a given value of volume higher than the average.

What you should consider using Volumescan:

- Volume is significant higher than average volume (depending on daytime)
- No large gap or extreme volatility
- Chart is ready for a big move (Daily, Weekly)
- Nice chart formation (consolidation, flag, support)
- Intraday setup with an acceptable risk/reward relation


- Radarscreen
- high end Computer
- fast Internet connection

TradeStation customer trials:
In order to assist with the demonstration of TradeStation compatible products, TradeStation Technologies provides 30 day Trials for just $25 of TradeStation 8 to our customers.

Order Volumescan now for less than the profit of a single trade.

Order now !

Volumescan RS (1 Year Licence)

Price: $149.00

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